2014 firm bonus announcement / pay out dates

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Here's our best estimates of when 2014 bonuses are likely to be announced / paid.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch - End of January, End of February

Barclays - Late January, End of February

BNP Paribas - Beginning of March, End of March

CIBC World Markets - Early December, Late December

Citi - Mid January, End of January

Commerzbank - 1st week of March, Mid-March

Credit Agricole CIB - End of February, End of March

Credit Suisse - End of January, Middle of February

Daiwa Securities - Early / Mid-April, 1st May

Deutsche Bank - Early February, Mid-February

Fortis - End of February / April

Goldman Sachs - Early January, January / February pay day

HSBC Investment Bank - Mid-March, End of March

ING Wholesale Banking - Beginning of March / Mid to End March

Jefferies - Early January / Early February

JPMorgan - Mid January, End of January

Macquarie - Early May, End of May

Morgan Stanley - End of January, End of February

Nomura International - Early May, End of May

Rabobank - End of Feb, Mid-March

Rothschild - May / June

Royal Bank of Canada - Early December / Mid-December

Royal Bank of Scotland- Late February / small cash payment March / residual paid in June

SG Corporate & Investment Banking - End of January, End of March

Standard Chartered - 1st week of March, End of March.

Threadneedle Investments - 5th Feb, 25th Feb

UBS Investment Bank - Mid-February, End of February

We're still missing details for a few firms, and some of the info might be a little off.

Please mail us in confidence on news@hereisthecity.com if you have anything relevant to tell us.

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