Bonus Calculator - How to work out your 2014 payout

Bonus Calculator - 0

Here's a simple guide that will enable you to calculate your 2013 bonus. It works every time.

There are 7 easy steps:

1. Take your 2013 bonus and double it

2. Reduce the number by half as your firm would have had a tough year

3. Times that figure by two, as you hit all your personal targets this year

4. Subtract 50% because your firm will be concerned about the political implications of paying large bonuses when the 'real economy' remain in trouble

5. Double that figure as your boss promised you a bumper bonus for this year, as he stiffed you in 2012

6. Subtract another 50% as your bank will need to scale back on bonuses to keep regulators happy and preserve capital ratios

7. Take away the number you first started with

Congratulations, you now have your 2014 bonus number!


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