The Best from 'Dam* You Auto Correct!'

Damn You Auto Correct

It loses a bit without the mobile phone interface. And some of them must be fakes. But damn they're funny!

And on this one, convenient page, you can see the most hilarious 15 of all time.

Here are our favourite three:

#11 We Need to Talk

Be warned: I'm dumping you when I get home tonight.

Fine with me. I was just thinking we could use some time apart.

WTF JENNA??? I got autocorrected. I meant to write jumping you not dumping you. And now you're telling me you want to break up?

Well this is awkward.

#5 Dinner For One

you there shawn

Yea what up daddy-o

I am eating your mother out tonight at 7 so you have to find your own dinner.

Not sure how to respond to that. Uh, have fun?

I'm not eating her out, I'm eating her out.

Oh that clears it up.

I mean taking. This has been a fun chat.

#1 The Worst Possible Thing to Text to Mom

are you hungry?


I thought you might be. There's a huge surprise waiting for you in the kitchen. It's your favorite. Love, Mom

I hope it's your shaved pussy.


Please don't read that last text it was the worst autocorrect of my life

I meant porkkkkk. Shaved pork. I'm so sorry Ma