Oh, The Things You Can Rent

Beautiful Girl In Coffee Belovodchenko Anton

We had no idea. We'll bet you had no idea. We even had to look up some of these things to find out what they were.

Of course you can rent a kilt for the wedding of your cousin to that lovely Scottish lass, or a Porsche for your first weekend trip-date to the Cotswolds, a motorhome to park outside the Reading Festival (finally!), or a piece of jewelery for your trip down the red carpet as your movie executive pal’s date, or a marquee for a party from a place like erento.co.uk. You can also rent a tux for your university roommate’s wedding (but shouldn’t you own one already?), or a cherry picker to hoist your new sofa over your flat’s balcony (that comes with an operator, right? No?).

But did you know you can also rent a leaf blower (helpful right around now), or outdoor furniture to put out in your now-tidy garden. You can rent an Xbox 360 for your nephew's upcoming visit. You can even rent a fire extinguisher in case things get too hot. (Although seriously, we think you should buy one, and if you’re doing something that’s dangerous enough that you need to rent one, perhaps you should rethink what you’re doing.

You can also rent a model, actress or product presenter (though for what, we’re not sure), or chauffeur for a day you’re feeling lazy.

As for the things we had to look up, they included a rotavator (a machine for tilling soil), a welfare unit (a place where people on a work site can eat, change, wash up, and visit the loo), and a pannier (baskets or bags slung over a beast of burden, which is not a member of the Rolling Stones, but is a bicycle or a domesticated member of the Equidae family).

See? You really do learn something every day!