9 Signs That You're Probably Not Going To Be Laid Off Any Time Soon

Parachute Jump

Here are 9 signs that you are probably not going to be laid off any time soon.

1. You are not on first name terms with any of the ladies from HR

2. You haven't been interviewed by anyone from the teams of outside consultants who have been milling around the office for the last few months

3. Your boss is still maintaining eye-contact with you when you are having a chat

4. You have been asked to make sure you put your summer holiday dates in the Group calendar

5. Everyone else in your team has already been laid-off, and you are busy picking up the pieces

6. You have just been asked to take on increased responsibilities / additional clients

7. Your security pass has been automatically renewed

8. You have been invited to the next group offsite

9. You got paid / are getting paid a bonus for your work in 2012

image: © philokazaki

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