Ex-Fed Reserve Chair receives $250,000 for one speech

Ben Bernanke

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s reported $250,000 for a speech in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday puts him in rarefied air of public speakers, experts said.

MarketWatch reports that with one speech, Bernanke exceeded his $199,700 annual salary as Fed chairman in 2013.

Former President Bill Clinton is said to receive more for a speech. Hillary Clinton is close, pulling down a reported $200,000 for each appearance. Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, is also said to receive hefty speaking fees.

Bernanke’s predecessor Alan Greenspan received a reported $250,000 for his first speech in February 2006 that moved markets. Bernanke was forced to defend him.

Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, who served at the Fed from 1979-1987, still commands $40,000 for a speech.

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Bernanke's $250,000 fee for speech puts him near top of food chain 

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