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Not Your Average Villa

While your average well-above-average villa might be our first choice when booking a place, we're intrigued by what's found off the beaten path.


The Thinking Man

The Pragmatic Man’s Bucket List

Start 2014 with these 15 ideas, which aren't about traveling, buying, or partying. They're about enjoying life, but in a pragmatic way, which has more to do with learning than anything else.

Splintered Memory Cover

No More Banking For This Writer

Natascha Holloway spent six years working in Investment Banking Operations in London, Paris, and Singapore. But despite a good career, she handed in her notice to focus solely on becoming a full-time author. Her first novel, Splintered Memory, is now available for sale on Amazon.

Time In Bedroom Hanna Zabielska

It's Leg Time

Apparently, it's all about the legs right now. For some of you guys, this is great news. For some of you gals, it's time to start shaving every day again.