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Lab49 - Featured Employer of the Month

Lab49 UK Limited is a rapidly growing technology consulting firm that builds advanced solutions for the financial services industry. Clients include many of the world’s largest investment banks, hedge funds and exchanges.


Goldman's Chosen Few

The white smoke was seen wafting from Goldman's Broad Street office building in New York Tuesday, after 115 staff were tapped for partner - and a $10m payment this year in addition to a bonus.

The Lucy Gao E-Mail

Here the most famous e-mail ever sent out by a City intern. Lucy Gao is the 21-year-old Citigroup intern who had a placement in the company's Real Estate Equity Group in London, and whose birthday invite to her friends 13 months ago found it's way onto the internet and did the rounds at investment banks all around the world.

Classic Hedge Fund 'Recruitment' E-Mail

For those not in the know, Daniel Loeb is a US hedge fund manager and founder of Third Point, a US hedge fund which manages over $3.5bn in assets. An activist shareholder, Loeb is a well regarded figure in the industry - and a very wealthy and successful man.

Age 23 - Is This Banker The Youngest VP Ever ?

Each year thousands of graduates / MBAs find work in the financial markets. All start at (or near) the bottom of the ladder, and hope that one day they will make it big. Few do. And those who eventually achieve success usually face a relatively long wait. Not so one young man who, at 23, just might be the youngest VP ever to attain that position in a major investment bank.