Single at Christmas

Waiting 1 Anna Hunter

Don’t despair if you find yourself single at Christmas. Though it can be hard - most single women find the holidays more stressful than Valentine's Day.

The Off-Screen Romances of Bond Girls

Halle Berry And Pierce Brosnan

We all know that stars aren't perfect, but it's easy to get fixated on their so-called perfection. But the truth is that even even Bond girls, supposedly the most beautiful and sexy women on the planet, get the dating thing wrong, too.

Girls: Turn Your Dating Life Around

Playful Girl Viktors Kozers

Sick and tired of a disastrous dating life? Tighten up your act by following these 10 rules from a woman who's making the topic of dating her business. (Guys, you might want to check in so you know how to behave, too.)