400 military veterans urge no vote in Scottish referendum

Kingdom Of Great Britain

More than 400 military veterans including six former heads of the army in Scotland and 11 second world war veterans have urged a no vote in the Scottish referendum, claiming that arrangements for defending Britain would be "irresponsibly weakened" if Scotland was to become independent.

Joe Sample obituary


Even the most implacable of bebop purists, fastidiously queasy about any departures from Charlie Parker, had a sneaking admiration for the Crusaders – the American jazz-funk pioneers who, in their 1960s heyday, could build a monstrous groove out of what often seemed little more than the swish of a hi-hat and the bluesy dance of a handful of keyboard chords.


Messy Desk

Death of the desk

'The idea that the desk is a unit of productivity is changing very, very rapidly. Your productivity is not measured by the amount of time you sit behind a thing called a desk'.