BlackRock agrees to pay $12m to settle SEC charge

SEC Building

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged BlackRock Advisors with breaching its fiduciary duty by failing to disclose a conflict of interest created by the outside business activity of a top-performing portfolio manager.

Ex-Goldman programmer will face jury

American courtroom

The criminal case against Sergey Aleynikov — the former Goldman Sachs programmer who was convicted in federal court, then acquitted, only to be charged again in state court — will soon head to a jury after Aleynikov’s last-ditch effort to toss out the case came up short.

Jon Corzine hedge fund ?

Hedge Fund

Former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine is reportedly thinking about launching a hedge fund. The experts disagree on whether he'll succeed.


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UBS beefing up in Compliance

UBS, which has paid more than $3bn in fines since the start of the financial crisis, plans to hire as many as 350 more workers to monitor regulatory compliance.