UBS sets Swiss deposit charge

UBS HQ Archway

UBS said on Tuesday it had introduced a charge on deposits for certain large account balances in Switzerland, in a move which follows the surprise jump in the Swiss franc's exchange rate earlier this month.


Storm clouds

'Ludicrous' that exchanges open during storm

The Northeast is bracing for a snowstorm of "potential historic" proportions , with New York and New Jersey declaring a state of emergency, but the stock exchanges in New York plan to be open Tuesday.

Credit Suisse Still

C Suisse 'headache'

Lei Jie, the chairman of China’s Founder Securities and its joint venture with Credit Suisse, can’t be contacted by Founder as the government questions executives at the company’s parent.

Iran Missile Test

Beware: A national cyberterrorism attack may loom

A cyberterror attack on vital national infrastructure such as power facilities, transport networks and the financial sector could be imminent-and international governments are ill-prepared, cybersecurity experts have warned.