Bitcoin defies talk of China crackdown


The price of bitcoin rose on Tuesday despite growing uncertainty regarding regulation in China, including a possible deadline for the country's banks to stop handling the virtual currency.

ECB will take action: Portugal finance minister

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The European Central Bank (ECB) still plans to take action to combat the problem of low and falling inflation despite holding off and disappointing markets over the past few months, Portugal's finance minister told CNBC.


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No UK housing bubble, just a London one: EY

London is at risk of a housing bubble - with average house prices more than three times higher than in Northern Ireland or the north east by 2018 - but the rest of the U.K. looks set to escape wild gyrations in the property market, according to a report by consultancy EY.

Bitcoin and money

Do you really know bitcoin ? Here are 11 myths

While there were plenty of other big surprises in 2013, no business story likely was more unique than bitcoin, the online simulated currency that threatened to shake up the global monetary system.

Janet Yellen is NOT Ben Bernanke

Sure, she signaled that she would continue the Bernanke policy but make no mistake - she's not going to be just like Ben, says Bob Brusca. Here's why.