Men And Women Weren't Meant To Live Together

According to The Sunday Times magazine, in 2004 there were seven million people living alone in Britain. That's around four times as many as in 1961. By some estimates, 37% of all British households in 2021 are expected to be made up of people who live alone.

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Solo Mio For Christmas

Driving home for Christmas. And it seems we can put little ol´ Chris Rea on repeat here as the roads are clogged with snow.

Autumn Joggers

The Top 10 Workout Songs For November

Ok so party season is almost upon us, and some of us need a bit of help to get into that little sparkly number and others just want to get Christmas dinner "match fit"! So here are this month's top 10 songs to help you get more from your workout ....

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The Summer Six

"It's what happens when you sit outside every night, drinking wine." At least it's better than the Freshman 15, I thought, but is it? That goes on over nine months. This goes on over three, or four if you're lucky.