Robots and sex: creepy or cool?

Pole Dancing Robot

Sex with robots may currently be restricted to fiction, but with advances in technology this could eventually change. Despite how some may react, this is something that should be accepted, maybe even embraced

Musing on the Mystery

Flight 370 Arc

The “mystery” in the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777’s disappearance is now being blamed on mistakes and confusion in public statements made by Malaysian authorities starting Saturday, March 8, the day the plane was reported missing.


Blushing Bride Mckenna71 Sxc Hu

The Wedding Planner

After days - no, weeks - of anticipation, Kate & Wills finally tied the knot. I have to say, I am a bit sad that it’s over. I am a sucker for romance, and every common girl wants to be queen for a day.

The 500 EURO Note

For something that weighs about one gram, it is certainly capable of causing a lot of fuss, particularly now that the undercover team from HMRC has figured out that it is a perfect tool for money launderers.