Another billionaire emerges from private equity

A Billion Dollars

James Tomilson Hill, the Blackstone Group vice chairman who runs the company’s $58bn hedge-fund business, has emerged as a billionaire as the world’s largest private-equity firm and his art collection have surged in value.

Girly video games: rewriting a history of pink

Old Console Game Cartridges

The Visual Arts Center in Austin, Texas, currently has a very unusual exhibit: a vintage girl's bedroom, perfectly preserved. There's a chunky monitor pegged to a Nintendo Entertainment System, all dove's breast gray and violet.

Warhol's lost computer art recovered

Lost Luggage

After being locked away on floppy disks for nearly three decades, works created by Andy Warhol on a Commodore Amiga computer in 1985 were recovered, the Andy Warhol Museum said.