Bernie Madoff Firesale


New payout could make more Madoff victims whole

Money On Hook

Victims of the epic Madoff Ponzi scheme could get back another $349 million under a proposal submitted to the bankruptcy court Tuesday by trustee Irving H. Picard. The proposed distribution, the fourth since the scandal broke, brings the total payout to nearly $6 billion.

Executives spared in JPM's Madoff deal: Sources

Bernie Madoff Firesale

JPMorgan Chase is expected to pay approximately $2 billion to settle a criminal and regulatory investigation into its dealings with Bernard Madoff, though no individuals at the bank will be implicated, according to sources familiar with the agreement.


Bernie Madoff Still

Madoff Offers To Spill The Beans On Big Banks

Jailed Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff plans to amplify his contention, possibly in testimony before Congress, that the big banks he did business with – J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of New York Mellon, Citigroup and HSBC Group, among others – knew what he was up to.

JPMorgan Said Likely To Be Faulted Over Madoff

U.S. regulators plan to fault JPMorgan Chase & Co, which served as Bernie Madoff's main bank for two decades, for failing to conduct adequate due diligence and report suspicious activity, according to a person familiar with the matter.