BNP Paribas is a European leader in global banking and financial services and one of the strongest banks in the world.


BNP Paribas Chairman may be set to leave


BNP Paribas Chairman Baudouin Prot may leave in the next few months and be succeeded by Jean Lemierre, a senior adviser at the French bank, Le Journal du Dimanche has reported, without saying where it got the information.


Bank Said To Have Settled Pregnant Bonus Claim

Ex-bank staff didn't have too much to shout about when they took their former employees to employment tribunal in the UK last year. But 37-year-old Italian-born Arianna McGregor-Mezzotero, who only left BNP Paribas in December, was the exception. A tribunal had 'no hestitation' in concluding that 'on her return to work (from maternity leave) the applicant was treated differently from how she had been treated before she went on....leave'. The French bank's treatment of Ms McGregor-Mezzotero was said to be 'exceedingly poor' and the tribunal upheld her claim that her 2000, 2001 and 2002 bonus payments were discriminatory.

Top Traders Under 30

After a number of our readers wrote in, we are now publishing the list of 'Trader Monthly' magazine's Top Traders Under 30, which appeared in the August/September issue.


Pulling Hair

7 top firms, 7 problems, errors or set-backs

No less than 7 top firms have gone / are going through difficulties of one kind or another - and that's in addition to the 'normal' issues banks are having related to regulation, capital requirements and the malaise in fixed income.