Citi to pay allowances for limiting bonuses

Citi Building Sign

Citigroup has told senior staff in Europe that they would receive fixed monthly pay in addition to their salaries in an attempt to compensate for rules that limit bonuses to up to twice the level of base salaries, the Financial Times reported, citing several people.

'Stunned' when I saw Coca-Cola pay plan

Coca Cola Header

Activist investor David Winters told CNBC on Friday he was "absolutely stunned" when he learned about Coca-Cola's equity compensation plan for executives. He urged the beverage giant to withdraw the plan.

Barclays bosses 'confident' of shareholder support

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Barclays chairman, David Walker, and chief executive, Antony Jenkins, have told CNBC they are confident they have the support of most major institutional shareholders over the bank's pay proposals, as over one third of investors failed to back the bank's pay policy.