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European banks on selling binge

London Canary Wharf

Europe’s largest banks are finally putting hundreds of billions of dollars of unwanted assets up for sale amid mounting competition among buyers and regulatory pressure.


Drunken Analyst Said Fired After Trashing Colleague's Desk (HR Takes Picture)

Dealbreaker reports that, a couple of weeks back, a New York-based second year Credit Suisse technology analyst is said to have returned to the office (apparently over the weekend) rather the worse for wear, and trashed a colleague's work space (see pic to the right, which was seemingly taken by a member of the firm's HR Department for the employee's file).

More Bank Merger / Deal Rumours Surface

Reuters reports that shares in Barclays Bank finished at a record high Friday on rumours of that impending Bank of America bid - despite the news that Barclays outgoing chairman Matt Barrett sold 2.3 million shares Thursday (something that he would not have been allowed to do if a bid approach had been made).