Deutsche Bank has a truly global reach. Throughout the world, the bank active in many markets, economies and financial sectors. But despite its size, focus and purpose flows through the organization. Many voices, many cultures, many disciplines, many ways of looking at the world. One clear vision. Deutsche Bank is diverse in the widest sense of the word.

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People News: Bank of America, Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank - Foyer Bridge

Bank of America has appointed Mayank Saxena as head of its Southeast Asia financial institutions group (FIG), the latest in a spurt of investment bank hires in the financials sector amid a surge of dealmaking in Asia by banks and insurers.

Deutsche said to lose 26 junior bankers

Deutsche Bank - External

Deutsche Bank lost about 26 junior bankers in Hong Kong over the past four months, the biggest number of such departures from the firm in Asia in at least five years, two people with knowledge of the matter said.


For Hire

People News: BlackRock, UBS

BlackRock hired Harvard Management’s Mark McKenna to start an event-driven hedge fund as the world’s largest asset manager seeks to expand its alternative-investment business.

Citi Analyst In Tragic Death Leap

Just one week after the shock suicide of Bernie Madoff's son Mark, the financial markets have been rocked by the tragic death of 27-year-old Citi analyst Jessica Fashano, who died early Saturday morning.

Corporate Broking League Tables

Just what do corporate brokers do ? How do you measure what they bring to a firm ? And why are they suddenly all the rage ? Good questions - but no-one is really sure of the answers.

Did I Really Say That ?

Merrill Lynch came out this week and announced further asset writedowns and another round of capital raising. And CEO John Thain must be regretting some of the remarks he has made in the last 8 months about his firm and the strength of its balance sheet. Reuters has put together a selection of Thain's comments.