Pre-nup push: Why it may no longer pay to divorce in London


London's reputation as the divorce capital of the super-rich has been earned through a number of headline-grabbing, hefty settlements being set in its courts - but the era of wealthy divorce tourists flocking to the U.K. may be coming to a close.

Why wealthy exes want to get divorced in London


January is famously the month in which more people file for divorce than any other. And if your marriage is at an end, you're a member of the international jet set and earn less than your partner, London seems to be the best place to secure a generous settlement.

Wife calls $33m divorce payout 'disgraceful'

No Pot Of Gold

A bitter divorce battle, which has seen billionaires from the U.K. and Russia take the stand in London and shone a light on the issue of asset concealment in international tax havens, has concluded with a £20 million ($33 million) award.