China economy grows 7.5% in the second quarter

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China's economy grew 7.5 percent in the second quarter from the year-ago period, beating a broad consensus estimate of 7.4 percent and coming after the 7.4 percent expansion in the first quarter.

Robust growth lifts hopes for Japan's economy

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Japan's economic growth was revised sharply higher in the first quarter, data on Monday showed, indicating the economy is in better shape than anticipated to weather a rise in the country's consumption tax.

Russian investment banks hit by economic and Ukraine woes

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Russian investment banking activity has been hit this year by the faltering economy and the Ukraine crisis, putting pressure on Moscow bankers to get creative in offering local firms different ways to raise capital instead of the standard fare of international share and bond issues.

More BOJ stimulus soon ? Don't bet on it

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A few months ago, economists suspected further stimulus from the Bank of Japan was likely this year to help take the sting out of a rise in Japan's sales tax. That prospect now looks less likely as the economy is showing signs of holding up well.

Blame misaligned policies for state of US economy

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Investors need not worry about naysayers' myriad structural flaws of American economy. Some of these problems do exist, most are fanciful, but none are currently responsible for America's Mediterranean style output gap.