The Order: 1886 review

Order 1886

Set in an alternate Victorian steampunk era, The Order: 1886 bundles werewolves, Jack the Ripper and Arthurian legend in with a load of wood-handled, high-tech gadgets and empire-era mock-futuristic weaponry.

Guitar Hero set for comeback ?

Guitar Hero World Tour

Better start exercising those fingers and rehearsing your rock stances: the hugely popular music game Guitar Hero could be about to tune up and hit the stage again.

The future for Sonic the Hedgehog is probably free-to-play


Watching the career of Sonic the Hedgehog is like following a once beloved actor on a nightmarish hellbound career trajectory, from Oscar success, through supporting roles in increasingly dire movies, to a life spent attending fan conventions in small cold towns, grimly signing photos for a dwindling crowd of nostalgic weirdos. I’m speaking as a Sonic fan here.