'Perfect storm' benefits these hedge funders

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Hedge funds that bet on broad macroeconomic trends have bled money all year waiting for their investment ideas to hit. Some of their biggest wagers-from rising interest rates to a stronger U.S. dollar to more volatile markets-finally paid off in September, helping reverse an otherwise miserable 2014.

New London hedge fund startups grow


Former managers at Millennium Management LLC, Ziff Brothers Investments LLC, Carlyle Group LP and TPG-Axon Capital Management LP are starting hedge funds, leading a recovery in capital raising in London.

Largest hedge funds suck in cash

Hedge Fund

A new investigation of industry assets by Absolute Return reveals that, once again, the largest funds are controlling more assets than ever.

Hedge fund exit not about performance: CalPERS CIO

Receading Hedge

The decision by the California Public Employees' Retirement System to leave hedge funds was not meant to send a message about that particular sector, the pension fund's new chief investment officer told CNBC on Wednesday.

CalPERS to exit hedge funds entirely

Receading Hedge

The California Public Employees' Retirement System is ditching its hedge fund program to reduce costs and complexity in its investment portfolio, it announced in a press release.