Sir Mervyn King's great Bank of England myth

Mervyn King Still

As he departs, Sir Mervyn King cannot be allowed to get away with a myth he has been promoting for years – the notion that the Bank of England was somehow a lone voice of sanity in the pre-crisis years and that its warnings of impending disaster for the banking system fell on deaf ears.

UK Banks May Be Ordered To Find £27bn To Fill Shortfalls

Brick Wall

The scale of the capital shortfalls of each of Britain's major banks is expected to be revealed by the banking regulator on Thursday amid mounting speculation that the big eight players could have been ordered to find up to £27bn to plug gaps identified by the watchdog.

Mervyn King Made 'Series Of Misjudgements'

Mervyn King

Economist and former member of the Bank of England's (BoE) Monetary Policy Committee, Adam Posen said while outgoing governor of the BoE Mervyn King will be remembered as being a great public servant, he made a series of misjudgements which he has to take account for.