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Morgan Stanley reshuffles the pack

Morgan Stanley building

Morgan Stanley has moved three executives into new roles in wealth management and institutional securities as part of its effort to get those two businesses to produce more revenue by collaborating, according to an internal memo viewed by Reuters.


Can UBS Man Really Be 'City's Most Dangerous' ?

The Sunday Times has an interesting angle on a story this week. The newspaper wonders whether Alex Ehrlich, the 'tall, bespectacled, slightly balding American' who runs UBS's prime brokerage operation, is potentially one of the 'City's most dangerous' men.

John Thain's Farewell To Bob McCann E-Mail

Here's how Merrill Lynch staff found out that Bob McCann, the head of the firm's brokerage unit, had thrown in the towel. Rumour has it that Bob will resurface at Morgan Stanley, and then pick off all Merrill's best financial advisors.

Drunken Analyst Said Fired After Trashing Colleague's Desk (HR Takes Picture)

Dealbreaker reports that, a couple of weeks back, a New York-based second year Credit Suisse technology analyst is said to have returned to the office (apparently over the weekend) rather the worse for wear, and trashed a colleague's work space (see pic to the right, which was seemingly taken by a member of the firm's HR Department for the employee's file).