Morgan Stanley is one of the world's largest diversified financial services companies, with a reputation for excellence in advice and execution on a global scale.



London's Biggest Trading Floors

Hot on the heels of the announcement that JPMorgan has spurned Canary Wharf and has chosen the 'Square Mile' for its new European HQ (St Alphage House in London Wall), most of the interest centres around the fact that, of the 1 million square feet that makes up the new building, there will be four giant trading floors of some 72,000 square feet each.

Morgan Stanley Said Embarrassed Over In-House Lawyer

It all started at a Christmas party in 2003. Elizabeth Weston, an in-house lawyer over at Merrill Lynch, claimed that a male colleague made lewd comments to her, after he accidentally spilled a glass of wine over her chest. The lawyer later resigned and lodged an employment tribunal complaint against her former firm. In the end Merrill, already fighting a high-profile $13.5m gender discrimination claim brought by former executive Stephanie Villalba (which the firm mostly won at first hearing), caved and settled with Ms Weston out-of-court. She is said to have walked away with over $1m. But that wasn't the end of it.


Morgan Stanley HQ

Morgan Stanley concerned about recruiting costs

Morgan Stanley posted wealth management results for the second quarter just a hair's breadth short of a key profitability target it set for the end of 2015, but bank executives remained concerned about the high costs of recruiting brokers.