Morgan Stanley is one of the world's largest diversified financial services companies, with a reputation for excellence in advice and execution on a global scale.

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Morgan Stanley concerned about recruiting costs

Morgan Stanley HQ

Morgan Stanley posted wealth management results for the second quarter just a hair's breadth short of a key profitability target it set for the end of 2015, but bank executives remained concerned about the high costs of recruiting brokers.

Morgan Stanley also on the up

Morgan Stanley HQ

Morgan Stanley, owner of the world’s largest brokerage, reported earnings that beat analysts’ estimates as profit from that business rose to a record and fees from investment banking reached a three-year high.

Brokers leave Morgan Stanley

Exit Sign

Craig Stuvland, former president of Common Sense Investment Management, lured four Morgan Stanley brokers with $650m in client assets to a new firm that supports independent financial advisors.


Another Firm Said To Have Banned Mobile Phones

The Independent reports that Goldman Sachs has instituted a 'global ban' on the use of mobile phones on its trading floors, following unsubstantiated allegations made against one of its traders, who is said to have occasionally used his mobile to talk to clients.

Drunken Analyst Said Fired After Trashing Colleague's Desk (HR Takes Picture)

Dealbreaker reports that, a couple of weeks back, a New York-based second year Credit Suisse technology analyst is said to have returned to the office (apparently over the weekend) rather the worse for wear, and trashed a colleague's work space (see pic to the right, which was seemingly taken by a member of the firm's HR Department for the employee's file).