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After a falling out with his record label, a disappointing reception for his latest album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, and a bout of poor health, Morrissey is finally on the up.

Kate Bush returns: the view from the front seats

Kate Bush

Dame Fortune smiled and my Kate Bush ticket turned out to be a winner. Recklessly purchased for the price of a colour-TV licence, it placed me at the final frontier 'twixt artist and audience, on the borderline between the mundane and the magical. The front row.

Chlöe Howl: 'Unfortunately I'm a little bit of a gossip'

Chloe Howl

Three years ago, after passing her GCSEs, Chlöe Howells signed a record deal with Columbia. She always wanted to make music and had no shortage of material to draw on. "I was 16," she says when we meet at a cafe around the corner from her home in east London, "so I had a lot of bitchiness to talk about."

Pet Shop Boys save the day at The Archers' Loxfest

Pet Shop Boys Interview 2013 Still

It has been one disaster after another for Loxfest, as Ambridge's answer to Glastonbury has grappled with all-girl band Honey Storm pulling out and headlining act Quaintance Smith being cut from the bill after accusations of domestic abuse.

Taylor Swift: ‘Sexy ? Not on my radar'

Taylor Swift

In Manhattan’s chi-chi Sant Ambroeus restaurant, the pair of smartly dressed women at the next table are making not-so-surreptitious “eek” faces at each other, having clocked that their neighbour for lunch is Taylor Swift.