No Longer Single in the City

Couple In Love Svilen Milev

Remember me? The one who was adamant after a few months that this whole online dating lark was never going to amount to anything? That it was an interesting experience, but really not for her? Yeah, I remember her too, but I may have to revise my opinion just ever so slightly.

Online Dating: The End

End Key T Al Nakib

It’s been a marvellous experience in social sciences, really. From the agony of writing the profile, to the messaging, and of course the dates. I’ve met some nice people, even though it’s unlikely I’ll meet any of them again. And there were the others...

Online Dating: Insights & Realisations

The Bar Damien King

Research done by a Dutch dating site came up with some interesting points. Apparently, on a first date, men prefer women to be dressed casual rather than in a revealing outfit. I’m not sure whether this might be a Dutch thing, but it did make me wonder. What should you wear on a first date?

Online Dating: It's Complicated

A Girl With A Phone Michal Zacharzewski

Some time ago, I dated someone for a little while. And although he pleaded a little, we parted company, and I never expected to hear from him again. So when I got home one night and found a new message in my mail box, it never occurred to me it might be from him.

Online Dating: Tootsie

Life's A Drag Daniel Browne

Admittedly, there are many frogs to be kissed when dating, online or not. But just as I was starting to think that nothing remotely interesting would come my way, I receive a message. From a 59-year-old cross dresser.