The White Hart, Barnes

The White Hart

Rivers have been getting a bad press recently. The start of the year saw Britain virtually submerged by rain as flooding and power outages, and 'river plains' become 2014’s water cooler topic. (No weak pun intended.)

Queen Adelaide, Putney

Queen Adelaide

London never fails to surprise me. Putney is an area I know fairly well, yet I hadn’t heard of the Queen Adelaide, located on the Wansdworth border.

The Princess of Wales, Clapton

Princess Of Wales

There was a time, not too long ago, when you didn’t go to East London pubs. Earthy, or ‘rough and ready’, is how they might euphemistically have been described. Outright violent is another way, especially the further out from London you got.

A Grehla at The Gun, The Docklands

The Gun Terrace

Do you remember what the sun looks like? Euro 2012 is in full flow and the longest day is upon us, but the summer is in danger of being overwhelmed by London’s first recorded monsoon. At least that should help the hosepipe ban.

The White Swan, Fetter Lane

The White Swan

I am pleased to report that salt is making a comeback. For years it seemed this staple seasoning (for most of us of a certain age) was on the way to being banned from cooking altogether.

The Drift, Bishopsgate

The Drift Bar

Isn’t London just so New York nowadays? And I’m not just talking about the increase in diners, coffee shops and Jewish-styled delis, but the skyline, which amongst other things, has made the opening shots of The Apprentice such compulsive viewing.