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Gun to RBS

RBS cash bonuses limited to £2,000

Cash bonuses at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will be limited to £2,000 next year, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron told Parliament on Tuesday.

RBS building

RBS bonus pot revealed

Royal Bank of Scotland is to pay approximately $918m in bonuses for 2013 after securing the agreement of the UK Treasury agency that is its biggest shareholder.

Sir Fred Found In French 'Bunker'

The News of The World has discovered the whereabouts of former Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) CEO Sir Fred Goodwin, who legged it out of the UK a few months back after an angry mob set about a home he owns in Edinburgh and one of his cars (and all because of his $1.1m-a-year pension).


Pulling Hair

7 top firms, 7 problems, errors or set-backs

No less than 7 top firms have gone / are going through difficulties of one kind or another - and that's in addition to the 'normal' issues banks are having related to regulation, capital requirements and the malaise in fixed income.