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Rothschild Heir Annointed

Tennis Racket

Alexandre de Rothschild said his father always told him to 'do what you want - if you want to play tennis, go ahead'. Alexandre, now 32, did not devote his life to perfecting his serve, breeding horses, or the other pursuits one might imagine are available to a scion of the world’s biggest family-owned bank.


ABN Amro, Morgan Stanley, Rothschild, Enron, UBS, SOX

Financial News reports that ABN Amro has been appointed as adviser to Spanish group Iberdrola as it bids $20.8bn for Scottish Power. The Dutch firm stepped in after Morgan Stanley stepped down. The Wall Street giant is conflicted as it acts as Scottish Power's corporate broker, and has been advising the company on defence strategy.

Sunday Times 'City Rich List' - Top 20

The Sunday Times has just published its second annual 'City Rich List'. The newspaper has used various means to calculate the net-worth of the individuals mentioned - and many of those who made the list will not welcome the numbers applied against their names. Here's the Top 20 and a few other interesting entries: