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Rothschild Heir Annointed

Tennis Racket

Alexandre de Rothschild said his father always told him to 'do what you want - if you want to play tennis, go ahead'. Alexandre, now 32, did not devote his life to perfecting his serve, breeding horses, or the other pursuits one might imagine are available to a scion of the world’s biggest family-owned bank.


Goldman, Rothschild, Morgan Stanley, 'God's Banker'

An interesting few statistics are said to have emerged in a recent Goldman Securities and Exchange Commission filing. Apparently the firm's investment bankers brought in just 5.3% of third-quarter profits - despite accounting for 14% of revenues. The reason, it seems, is that costs (and probably mostly comp-related ones) came in at a massive 87% for the unit. The staff over in Goldman's trading and principal investments businesses, by contrast, brought in 70% of the firm's revenues in the period, and 76% of its profit.