SEC whistleblower will receive $30m award

Blowing Whistle

An anonymous tipster living abroad will be receiving more than $30 million, in the largest whistleblower award ever doled out by U.S. securities regulators as part of a program that aims to incentivize insiders to report wrongdoing.

BofA $1bn Whistleblower May Face Interest Claim

Blowing Whistle

The whistle-blower helping the U.S. government mount a $1bn fraud lawsuit against Bank of America was himself accused of fraud by an investor in a financing company he co-founded, and now works at Fannie Mae, one of two entities he claims the bank defrauded.

SEC Issues First Whistleblo​wer Program Award

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A whistleblower who helped the Securities and Exchange Commission stop a multi-million dollar fraud will receive nearly $50,000 — the first payout from a new SEC program to reward people who provide evidence of securities fraud.